Stage 1: The Form

Stage 1: The Form
1- Filling the application form and attaching all the requirements on Squad Partners website

2- Reviewing the application and evaluating the company based on the three elements of evaluation, and responding within one month of completing the form

3-Receiving a response confirming passing the first stage
Stage 1: The Form
Stage 2: The Pitch

Stage 2: The Pitch

Stage 2: The Pitch
4- Meeting with the start-up's founders to make their presentation for the evaluation team at Squad Partners

5- Reviewing all documents, reports and official agreements of the company and responding with the value and percentage of investment or acquisition within two weeks of the meeting

6- Giving the final approval of the value and the percentage of investment or acquisition by both parties

Stage 3: The Signing

Stage 3: The Signing
7- Meeting with the lawyer to sign the contracts within 2 weeks of the final approval

8- Transferring the company's commercial registration to Abu Dhabi Global Market and opening a branch in the country where the company's operations are located

9- Depositing of the first injection into the company’s account

10- Welcoming the team at Squad Partners headquarters and presenting them with their new offices

11- Officially announcing the start-up joining Squad Partners
Stage 3: The Signing
Stage 4: The Operation

Stage 4: The Operation

Stage 4: The Operation
12- Activating strategic services such as building the strategy and documenting company process

13- Activating administrative services such as human resources and accounting

14- Beginning the ongoing training and mentorship program

15- Submitting the reports every month

16- Injection money every quarter in company’s bank accounts after the approval of the monthly reports


1- The company has a product or running service

2- The business model compound must be complete

3- The initial business model and the product has been tested in the target market

4- The company has an acceptable client base

5- The team members share a common dream, values and complete each others skills

6- At least one of the founders work in the startup as a full time

7- The feasibility study and financial statements must be completed

8- The required amount of investment must be determined

9- The competitor analysis must be comprehensive

10- Provide a proof of the company current value


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